Weaving Production

Profound expertise is the foundation, and a strong passion for bringing ideas to life is the catalyst. It is from this combination that SEIDRA weaves contemporary and high-quality fabrics.In the spinning and warping mill (production of the warp), the ideas of fabric designers begin to take shape. 

What will conquer the fashion world on runways around the globe two years later is still running here, thread by thread, onto a large roll.Our machinery enables us to achieve the highest flexibility, allowing us to produce not only large orders but also small quantities in exclusive designs for our customers.


Knitting Production

Our circular knitting machines produce classic solid fabrics as well as state-of-the-art Jacquard knit fabrics, both in single and double knits.Thanks to our in-house spinning mill, we can process yarns further, enabling us to create both woven and knitted fabrics from carefully selected colors.

This allows for combinations across various products in 100% matching colors.We can bring your own designs, colors, and ideas to life even with small order quantities. We provide perfect service and support for the realization of your project, from the initial sampling stage to production."