"Discover Exceptional Fabrics Crafted with Care in Austria"

"SEIDRA, based in Draschitz/Kärnten, has been a trusted name in the textile industry for generations. We proudly produce high-quality fabrics in AUSTRIA, using fair and eco-friendly practices. Explore our exquisite fabrics and contact us for personalized solutions. Join us in shaping a sustainable future through textiles." 

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Our fabric

We are a leading name in the textile sector, dedicated to providing high-quality and diverse fabric options to meet the needs of various industries and projects. 

Weaving Production

At Seidra, Weaving Excellence into Every Thread! 

Our weaving production is at the heart of our commitment to quality and innovation. With a rich heritage and state-of-the-art technology, we specialize in weaving fabrics of the highest caliber.

Knitting Production

 At Seidra, Crafting Excellence through Knitting Production! 

Our knitting production is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-quality textiles. With a heritage rooted in craftsmanship , we specialize in creating knitted fabrics of the highest caliber.


We produce sustainably, with an environmental focus and free from harmful substances. We have been certified according to the 'Global Organic Textile Standard' (GOTS) since 2012. The use of recycled materials or Oeko-Tex certified yarn is also important to us, as is our commitment to avoiding mulesing-free wool.

Online SHOP

We offer a variety of home decor textiles for our customers to purchase at our online shop.


We provide custom services for variety of home textiles. For more details, please see here.


You could visit our Detailverkauf to purchase variety of fabric or visit our Online shop.


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