We would be pleased to be your partner for interior textile solutions!


We produce high quality fabrics for:


     - Furniture upholstery
     - Curtains
     - Chair and stool covering
     - Wall covers
     - Tablecloths and napkins (with

        customized designs and/or logos)
     - Bed linens
     - Blankets


It's our traget to develop fabrics which are exclusively for you, even in small quantities. For SEIDRA the fun begins where it ends for many. Wholeslare mostly need to buy large quantities while other companies run same design in their collection. We develop and produce exactly what you want and need.
With SEIDRA you have the option to give your hotel, house, yacht, . . . a special  recognition and the "special something" by exclusive fabrics.


Through our partnerships with the best and most famous designers and interior decorators in the industry, you can trust us with the equipment and designation of your project.If you have already assigned to a company you can trust, we can arrange the designed materials from your designer into reality.

Exclusivity is for us not a question of running meters. We fulfill even the most complex needs in small amounts.


100 % Linen

100% Wool

100% Cotton

100% Trevira CS

Projects / references

Hotel Hochschober

Fabrics for curtain, furniture, plankets, pillows


Raiffaisen Bank Vienna / Looshaus

Fabrics for furniture


As well as many private residences, penthouses, castles and Chalets.


We are looking forward to your inquiry !