Paris and Milan may look to Austria when it comes to trends.


With a great sense of style, an innovative entrepreneurial spirit and high quality standards, SEIDRA has earned a permanent place in the international fashion world.

How does SEIDRA know in advance which fabrics fashion designers will need to produce their collections?
We'll tell them!
Setting trends in color and material takes great deal of feeling and experience.


Thus, as a member of the exclusive Masters of Linen, SEIDRA creates the future of fabrics!


SEIDRA . . .


Presents annually 2 new collections filled with trendy designs and color schemes; in woven and knitted fabric, linen, wool, cotton and wool / polyester.


Also offers certified organic fabrics (wool, cotton and linen).


- offers excellent service in sampling and providing on trend-designs.


- produces knitted jacquard with customized designs.


- provides customers with the highest quality products.


- starts production at a low minimum quantity.


- customized production and dyeing of fabrics.