Fabrics for. . .



Combining an impeccable sense of design with an entrepreneurial spirit and high quality standards, SEIDRA has captured a firm place in the international fashion world.


Traditional wear / Tracht

Tradition meets perfection!


As a leading manufacturer of costume fabrics, specifically linen and wool, SEIDRA has the ability to meet a wide range of customer needs.


Corporate Fashion


SEIDRA makes fabric, it is fabric that makes clothes, and it is clothes that “make the man.” A chain reaction that begins with the use of SEIDRA fabrics.



Exclusivity is not a question at SEIDRA. We are glad to partner with you to produce high-quality, exclusive fabrics for furniture and home décor.


Retail- and wholesale


Focused on more than just fashion, for decades SEIDRA has been a reliable partner for both wholesalers and individual small retailers.