1940: Mr. Steinhauser founded "Friesacher Leinenweberei"  in Friesach, a small village in Carinthia.


1951: In Draschitz "Silk-weaving Draschitz" was founded, which later became SEIDRA.


1968: At a new factory in Hermagor,the history of SEIDRA and knitting began.


Mr. Michael Mitterer-Kuhn startet at the Friesacher Leinenweberei. The production was expanded from home textiles to fabrics for clothing.






1969: Construction began for spinning and dying, each at its own location. At that time, SEIDRA was producing in Draschitz,  Nötsch & Hermagor, and was in the process of building at Kötschach-Mauthen.


The companies office and warehouses were situated in Vienna, as this made the export and transport process easier.


1970:  A downturn in the business led to a decrease in transactions, eventually causing the bankruptcy and liquidation of SEIDRA at Draschitz. The Friesach factory continued operating.


1970: Dr. Helmut Isepp took over the company, restructured it and successfully built it back up.


1990: The weaving shed was re-built and nearly all of the looms were renewed at Draschitz.




2000: Knitting was transferred from Hermagor to the main plant at Draschitz. The company invested in new Jacquard knitting-machines.







2006: Linen weaving at Friesach closeded and the process was integrated into SEIDRA’s main factory at Draschitz.





2012: The office and warehouses in Vienna were closed and added on-site at the parent plant. This was strategically a very important step. It enabled much quicker reactions to new marketing strategies and special developments.




2016: New investment into weaving machines and weaving preparation.